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The series was the winner of two Golden Globes and two Emmy Awards.

In The Mary Tyler Moore Show episode "The New Sue Ann", airing Saturday, October 26, 1974, two days before Rhoda's Wedding, the characters frequently discuss the upcoming event and buy wedding gifts.His response is to invite Rhoda to move in with him.After some careful thought, and consultation with her sister and father, Rhoda accepts Joe's invitation, but within minutes of moving in decides that rather than living together out of wedlock she prefers to be married.At the end of the episode Murray and Lou leave the TV station to drive Mary to the airport.

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During Rhoda's Wedding it is revealed that on a lark Lou and Murray decided to fly to New York with Mary to surprise Rhoda; her frequent nemesis, Phyllis, who intentionally not been invited, nonetheless flew in for the wedding, and Mary and Rhoda's friend, Georgette, who drove from Minneapolis.

It was watched by more than 52 million Americans, over half of the US viewing audience.