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03-Jul-2017 04:55

I felt like I was compromising myself, and at times not even being myself because I had to bite my tongue so much and watch what I said.

I don't want to be a bobblehead airhead girl, but it seems as though that's what guys want.

(In a follow-up study, estimates revealed that in the field of medicine, the percentage of papers without a single citation was about 46%; in the field of arts and humanities, an estimated 98% of papers go uncited.) OK, so let’s pause for a moment and regroup. The above observations lead to the inevitable conclusion that most (by volume) of the published work on Pub Med is barely fit to line the bottom of a bird cage.

they date "assholes") only because these qualities are unfortunately common in most of the men who have the masculine qualities that they want: strength, aggression, unshakable confidence, ambition, etc.

- in other words, the qualities that women do not typically have in themselves and cannot get from feminine men.

It is only because "success" in our society is defined in masculine terms that you feel like you have reduced or compromised yourself as a person by this change.

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So instead of considering what you've subtracted or "repressed" by being LESS male, focus on what you've added or improved by being MORE female.What started as a weekly email to a handful of friends grew into a substantially longer list of friends, then friends of friends, and quickly expanded to complete strangers.

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