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sitz im leben) that brought them into existence, rather than by their content.

He proposed seven types: hymns, community laments, songs of the individual, thank offering songs, laments of the individual, entrance liturgies, and royal psalms.

However, some of the titles of the individual psalms do contain information about the writers.Consequently the numbering of the verses in the Hebrew and English Bibles is often different, the first verse in the Septuagint and English texts usually being the second verse in the Hebrew text, when the psalm has a title. Two examples are the city name "Dan" in Genesis, and the city name "Rameses" in Exodus. This is because some translations, such as the Protestant English versions, come from the Masoretic (Hebrew) text.Some critics of the Psalms have concluded that the titles are not reliable. Others, such as the Roman Catholic English versions, followed the Latin Vulgate translation, which was based on the Septuagint (Greek) text. Those David composed would have originated between about 1020 and 975 B. Asaph was a contemporary of David, so we can date his in approximately the same period.Conservative scholars have adequately refuted these views This is the only really reliable information that we have as to who composed these psalms, though the commentators have their theories. Of these psalms, the earliest would have been the one Moses wrote (Ps. Solomon's psalm(s) seem to have been produced about 950 B. Korah's descendants, as well as Heman and Ethan, probably lived after Solomon, but exactly when we cannot identify.

Only Psalms and Proverbs in the Old Testament claim composite authorship for themselves. Since Heman and Ethan are connected with Ezra as Ezrahites, they probably lived and wrote after the Babylonian exile. 90150) contain more miscellaneous psalms dating from Moses to the return from exile. "The picture that emerges is a mixture of order and informality of arrangement, which invites but also defeats the attempt to account for every detail of its final form.

The writer of most of the first 72 psalms (Books 1 and 2 of our modern editions) was David. In synthetic parallelism, the second line explains or expands the thought expressed in the first line (e.g., 1:1; 19:7-9; Prov. When the second line completes the thought of the first line, we have climactic parallelism (e.g., 29:1; 96:7).

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