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54), where one introduces the meaning of “diffusion” in terms of the known meanings of “particles”, “lattice”, “movement”, and “gaps”.There are many caveats involving this type of meaning of “explain” (e.g., Mc Givern 2008; Rueger and Mc Givern 2010), but I will take it to be a notion which encompasses most normal variants of the scientific endeavor (see, e.g., Carruthers 2004).

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This is therefore an “epistemic” or “weak” concept of emergence, i.e., it is dependent on knowledge and viewpoint restricted to particular contexts.To start with basics, I will employ the term “explained” in a reductionist sense, such that when something is explained it is put into terms which relate to simpler concepts, simpler in the sense that we have been able to understand and manipulate those latter concepts, i.e., we have been able to “think with” them, to employ them to construct other meaningful concepts.

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