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It is seen that the money to be circulated is to be flown initially from panelist, when he registers himself, to the principal company.The returns are in the form of purchase/receiving goods on redemption of credit points earned against propagation of scheme and enrollment of new individuals as panelist.The modus operandi has been carved out by the company Speak Asia in such a sophisticated manner by employing talent and brain, as a business enterprises, nevertheless it turns out to be a money circulation scheme.It is so heavily camouflaged, that in absence of effort to understand the modalities and thrashing of facts, the genesis would not surface.The text on blog is a camouflaging to be panelist, however he is advocating or speaks for protection of Speak Asia and promotion of its activities.The site mentioned is that of AISPA’s website, where Bahirwani published numerous “updates” as the mouthpiece of Speak Asia’s management, singing its praises and promoting the idea that Speak Asia would be restarted (until the EOW started interrogating him and he went underground).After resurfacing under the assurance that he was not to going to be arrested, Bahirwani then submitted to a series of interrogations with the EOW, in which he was reported to have been uncooperative.The months dragged on and in an attempt to guarantee that he would be released on bail should the EOW arrest him at a later date (temporary protection against arrest is only that, temporary), things came to a head mid March when the Mumbai High Court denied Bahirwani’s plea.

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Those at the bottom keep on paying to those at the top.Seeing through the spin however, Judge Joshi disagreed on account of Bahirwani being unable to explain why he so heavily advocated Speak Asia’s cause on the website. I suspect that Bahirwani’s failure to adequately explain his actions is that in doing so, he would inadvertently reveal to the true extent of his direct relationship with Speak Asia and its management.It’s no secret that Bahirwani’s lawyer in the matter, Ahmad Abhdi, has represented Speak Asia’s CEO Manoj Kumar in the past.Meanwhile the tail end of Judge Joshi’s order states that Bahirwani will continue to receive “interim protection” from arrest until April the 12th, but what happens after that is unclear.

One would hope the EOW will seize on the opportunity to arrest Bahirwani and progress further in their criminal investigation.

Speaking of pointless excercises, on the 18th of March (the day before Judge Joshi’s denial of Bahirwani’s anticipator bail), Speak Asia filed a writ in the Mumbai High Court, The hearing for this application (WP 1127/2013) is set for today (April 5th, 2013).